A White White Day

19 Awards and 21 nominations


Psychological Drama (2019) - Iceland


The powerful new film by Hlynur Pálmason centres on a grieving police officer in rural Iceland (Ingvar E. Sigurðsson) who turns his vengeful sights on a neighbour he suspects may have had an affair with his now-deceased wife. Gradually his obsession for finding out the truth accumulates and inevitably begins to endanger himself and his loved ones.


Hlynur Pálmason


Hlynur Pálmason


Ingvar Sigurdsson, Ída Mekkín Hlynsdóttir, Hilmir Snær Guðnason

1 hr 49 mins

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Rating - 6.7


Rating - 94%

..a psychological drama-thriller involving startling aesthetic choices from its writer-director Hlynur Palmason, switching up in its third act from subtlety to unsubtlety, but with stunning, deliberate force. For most of the time, the film has been a slow burner, and yet the final 20 minutes or so reveal that this slow burning has merely been that of the lit fuse, fizzling and crackling its way towards the bomb.

Peter Bradshaw - The Guardian

I’m convinced that “A White, White Day” is the work of one of the most important voices of this emerging generation, arriving at a stage where we have yet to learn his language.

Peter Debruge - Variety