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Real achieved an astounding Rotten Tomatoes score of 100%!

Drama, Romance - 2019

The love between two people who work

hard to keep their romance on track while

struggling to manage personal hardship.

As their feelings for one another blossom,

these difficult pasts resurface, threatening

their relationship before it has begun. Aki

Omoshaybi plays Kyle, a smooth-talker

who is less than honest when he meets

with Jamie (Pippa Bennett-Warner), a

single mother with secrets of her own


Aki Omoshaybi


Paulette Mbassa (story), Aki Omoshaybi (story)


 Amy Manson, Kola Bokinni, Pippa Bennett-Warner

1h 18mins

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"It’s an optimistic, tender film with more authenticity in its little finger than plenty of films by more experienced directors."

Cath Clarke

The Guardian