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Bicycle Thieves

"Vittorio De Sica brings an almost documentary style to capture life in front of his lens, but infused it with an eye toward poetic realism."


Director : Vittorio De Sica

Starring : Lamberto Maggiorani   
Enjo Staiola   
Lianella Carell
1hr  29 min    

In the economic depression of post-Second World War Italy, unemployed Antonio Ricci finally finds some work to support his wife and two children. The condition of the job as a poster hanger is that he needs to have a bicycle, but in order to feed his family Antonio had already pawned his bicycle. Facing this crisis, his wife Maria takes the family bedsheets to the pawnbroker to raise the money to redeem the bicycle so he will be able to take the job and bring in an income. With the remaining money she visits a fortune teller, anxious for some positive prospects. Antonio mocks her gullibility in believing in the occult. After starting the job he has his bicycle stolen and, finding the police see this as a relatively insignificant crime, he takes to the streets with his son Bruno and his friend Baiocco and tries to track down the thief.

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