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Fallen Leaves

"Kaurismaki emphasizes human resilience and the value of love with his film making gestures, in an absolutely gorgeous and hugely affirming love story."

FALLEN LEAVES [ Kuolleet lehdet] (FINLAND) 2023 Comedy / Drama 

Director : Aki Kaurismäki

Starring : Alma Pöysti   
Jussi Vatanen    
Janne Hyytiäinen
1 hr  21 min    

Ansa and Holappa, two lonely people, meet by chance one night on the streets of Helsinki and try to find their first, only, and even last love of their lives. Their path to this lofty goal is threatened by Holappa's alcohol addiction, lost phone numbers, and not knowing their names or addresses. But the biggest obstacle is the habit of fate to put obstacles in the way of those who seek happiness.

Heartwarming, tragic and comic alike, Aki Kaurismäki's latest film won the Jury Prize at the 2023 Cannes Film Festival.

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