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Fisherman's Friends

"What makes this film a joy is the moody cinematography by Simon Tindall, so atmospheric you can almost taste the sea salt."

FISHERMAN'S FRIENDS (UK) 2019 Comedy /Drama / Music

Director : Chris Foggin

Starring :  Nick Moorcroft   
Meg Leonard     
Piers Ashworth
1 hr  52 min    

Fisherman’s Friends, is a gentle comedy about a music label manager called Danny (Daniel Mays) who stumbles upon a 10-strong group of fishermen (and friends) who sing sea shanties, and becomes convinced he can turn them into pop stars.

When Danny first approaches Jim (James Purefoy) and the others with the suggestion of recording them, they’re sceptical. Not so much because they don’t think they’re any good – they’ve been doing it for years, in the pub, on the beach, on the boats – but because he’s from London. Jim’s daughter Alwyn (Tuppence Middleton) is only saying what everyone else thinks when she dismisses Danny as a “tosser”.

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