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Blue Jean

"Masterfully composed and richly executed, this is a cautionary smorgasbord of painful truths about Britain’s educational past."

BLUE JEAN (UK) 2022 Drama 

Director : Georgia Oakley

Starring : Rosy McEwen  
Kerrie Hayes     
Lucy Halliday
1 hr  37 min    

Jean (Rosy McEwen) is a teacher in Newcastle. It’s 1988, in the weeks and months after Section 28 has come into effect, instructing British state schools not to “promote the teaching of the acceptability of homosexuality as a pretended family relationship”. Jean has always kept her sexuality hidden from her coworkers. But that veil of self-protection comes under threat when she spots one of her new students, Lois (Lucy Halliday), at the local lesbian bar she frequents with her girlfriend Viv (Kerrie Hayes).

This is a story ultimately about hypocrisy, in forms both cruel and tragic. Oakley and her cinematographer, Victor Seguin, tease out these ideas through a subtle visual code: the most oppressive spaces here (the school, the homes of unsupportive family members) are painted in the softest of pastels, as if a superficial attempt has been made to conceal their harshness.

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