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The Good Boss

"In the end, Fernando León de Aranoa’s film suggests that there may not be a lot of daylight between a good boss and a true villain."

THE GOOD BOSS ( El buen patrón ) (SPAIN) 2021 Comedy /Drama 

Director : Fernando León de Aranoa

Starring :  Javier Bardem   
Manolo Solo     
Almudena Amor
1 hr  56 min    

Javier Bardem plays Blanco, an ironic name given that his character is anything but pristine. As the heir to his father’s medium-size business, Básculas Blanco, one of Spain’s leading manufacturers of professional-grade scales, Blanco rules over his staff with a seduce-and-destroy mentality, wheeling them in with his fatherly ways and then casting them off when they no longer serve his needs. His victims include the recently fired José (Óscar de la Fuente), who has decided to stage a one-man protest in front of the factory gates, as well as countless female interns who have clearly been hired for their looks — a fact the director harps on a little too eagerly.

Blanco is forever preaching a strong, moral work ethic to his employees — the words “Effort, Equilibrium, Loyalty” are painted in red on the warehouse walls like agitprop for the capitalist patriarchy — but he’s willing to stomp over anyone to remain a power player in the minor world of perfectly calibrated measuring devices. As things begin to unravel, especially after longtime production manager and childhood buddy Miralles (Manolo Solo) has a meltdown after his marriage falls apart, Blanco needs to figure out how to save his livelihood — not to mention his own marriage, which could be compromised by his conquest of a new intern, Liliana (Almudena Amor), who turns out to be the daughter of an old family friend.

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