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8th September 2024
AyrShow Family Funday in Ayr Town Hall.

Those Magnificent Men in their Flying Machines / UK 13:00
Paper Planes / Australia 16:15
Sully / USA 19:00

Free entry to all screenings.

Those Magnificent Men.png

Those Magnificent Men in their Flying Machines


Director : Ken Annakin

Starring :  Stuart Whitman  
Sarah Miles     
James Fox
2 hr  18 min    

"...part slapstick, part spectacle, and part adventure, but most of all it's sweet, lighthearted fun."

In 1910, just seven years after the first heavier-than-air flight, aircraft are fragile and unreliable contraptions, piloted by "intrepid birdmen". Pompous British newspaper magnate Lord Rawnsley (Robert Morley) forbids his would-be aviatrix daughter, ardent suffragette Patricia (Sarah Miles), to fly. Aviator Richard Mays (James Fox), a young army officer and (at least in his own eyes) Patricia's fiancé, conceives the idea of an air race from London to Paris to advance the cause of British aviation and his career. With Patricia's support, he persuades Lord Rawnsley to sponsor the race as a publicity stunt for his newspaper.

Rawnsley, who takes full credit for the idea, announces the event to the press, and invitations are sent to leading aviators all over the world.

Also screening : 16:15

paper planes.png

Paper planes

"Terry Norris steals the show as the irrepressible grandpa who has little intention of putting his rakish fighter-pilot past behind him."

PAPER PLANES (AUSTRALIA) 2014 Drama / Family

Director : Robert Connolly

Starring : Sam Worthington    
Ed Oxenbould  
Deborah Mailman
1 hr  36 min    

When a student teacher comes to school, 12 year-old Dylan discovers he has an unusual hidden talent for making great paper planes. Despite difficulties at home, with the support of his eccentric granddad and funny friends, Dylan eventually makes it to the junior championships. Competing with the world’s best he learns to make new friends, build better planes and starts to figure out how to get along with his dad now that his mum has gone. This is an uplifting family drama with an imaginative premise and some hilarious moments.

Also screening : 19:00



"Great story that shows how ordinary people ,”just doing their jobs”, can become heroes."

SULLY (USA) 2016 Biography / Drama

Director : Clint Eastwood

Starring :  Tom Hanks  
Aaron Eckhart      
Laura Linney
1 hr  36 min    

There’s a great performance at the center of Sully, Clint Eastwood’s film about Captain Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger, who miraculously landed a US Airways jet loaded with 155 passengers and crew in the middle of the Hudson River on a frigid January day fifteen years ago and did not lose a single soul in the process. That performance is, of course, by Tom Hanks as Sully, a white-haired reserve of composure and practicality who almost never loses his cool even when he’s attempting an unprecedented water landing. Underneath that calm exterior, however, Sully is roiled by self-doubt after the incident: could he have done it differently? Could he have made it to one of the nearby airports as instructed?

He’s also plagued by nightmares in which he doesn’t make it and the plane plows into skyscrapers along the Manhattan skyline, an unsettling image which Eastwood deploys over and over again. The idea is that New York found a kind of healing in Sully’s achievement, some eight years after 9/11, with a character saying at one point, “It’s been a while since New York had news this good — especially with an airplane in it.” It’s a message that’s especially moving during the film’s single best segment after the landing itself — an extended sequence in which New York workers from a ferry captain to first responders make their way into the icy waters of the Hudson and rescue the passengers as the plane slowly disappears below the surface.

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