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Supported by Film Hub Scotland, part of the BFI's Film Audience Network, and funded by Screen Scotland and National Lottery Funding from the BFI

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How the Grinch stole Christmas


Director : Ron Howard

Starring : Jim Carrey  
Taylor Momson    
1 hr  44 min    

The village of Chinonsò ,is inhabited by the Nonsochì; they all really like Christmas, which is considered the most important holiday of the year. The only creature that hates Christmas is the Grinch, a green and hairy misanthrope who lives in a cave on the nearby Monte Briciolaio with the dog Max, feared by all the Nonsochì because of his petty spirit. Cindy Chi Lou, a six-year-old girl, believes everyone focuses on gifts and celebrations instead of personal relationships, including her parents Lou, the postmaster, and mother Betty. Meanwhile, the Grinch, after scaring Cindy's brothers and their girls, who had gone to play on the mountain, decides to go down to tease. Cindy meets the Grinch at the post office, while he plays with the mail and swaps everything, where he saves her life after getting stuck in the sorting duct. Impressed by the gesture, Cindy begins researching the Grinch and later discovers his past.


This is a special screening in aid of Whiteleys Retreat

"Director Ron Howard usually lets his comedies gestate organically, but his Grinch is frantic from start to finish."


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