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Two Tickets to Greece

"What elevates this film above the usual trip-gone-wrong storyline is its gentle exploration of what links the two women beyond their history."

TWO TICKETS TO GREECE (Les Cyclades) (FRANCE) 2022 Comedy

Director : Marc Fitoussi

Starring :  Laure Calamy  
Olivia Côte     
Kristin Scott Thomas
1 hr  50 min    

Recently divorced, Blandine (Olivia Côte) is struggling to get back on her feet and figure out the rest of her life. Her former best teenage friend, Magalie (Laure Calamy) loud, spontaneous, and fearless, resurfaces and imposes herself on Blandine for a trip they’ve always dreamed of as teenagers: Amorgos, Greece the amazing location where their favorite film “The Big Blue” was shot. When they reach Greece, they discover that dreamy vacations may not go as they had imagined in middle school, since the two women now have a very different approach to holidays… and to life!

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