COVID and your safety

Your Committee has been discussing arrangements with South Ayrshire Council staff  at Ayr Town Hall to establish what COVID safety measures will need to be  in place for the opening of our 2022/23 Season. At this time we can say that:

  • You will be temperature tested on entry to the building and you should use the hand cleansing dispensers provided. Please be aware that the temperature machine is to the left of the entry door. Masks will be available on entry if required.

  • Access to the main hall will be via main stair – one way system in operation, please keep to the RIGHT! [the lift is available 1-person, plus helper, at a time]

  • Please buy tickets online in advance if at all possible; bring your Paypal receipt email – it is your proof of payment and entry ticket. You can pay your Season Ticket by cheque if you prefer by posting it to the Treasurer below.

  • Both upstairs and downstairs will be in use. One metre social distancing is currently in place, so please keep that in mind. Seating downstairs will be 1m apart. Upstairs sitting in family groups is permitted, but please leave two seats in between in each group and every second row of seats EMPTY.

  • Note that the Town Hall windows will be open to allow for good ventilation. Please bring whatever you need to keep yourself warm.

  • Because of these precautions, entry may be slower than usual – please come early. We won’t start the film while any queue remains but a late start may affect people’s travel plans.

  • At the end of the film exit is by the same main stairwell, again keeping to the RIGHT with the one-way system. 




Please note, the COVID situation is constantly evolving and there may be changes to the above at points in the future.

If you have any questions, please contact us at