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German Cinema

Winner of the Jefferson State Flixx Fest Best Production Design in 2019.

Nominated for Best Sound and Best Film Score at the German Film Awards.

Drama/History/Thriller- 2018


East Germany, 1979. After initially failing to flee from the East to the West in a self-built hot-air balloon, two families struggle to make a second attempt, while the East German State Police are chasing them


Michael Herbig


Kit Hopkins (screenplay)

Thilo Röscheisen (screenplay)

Michael Herbig (screenplay)


 Friedrich Mücke, Karoline Schuh, David Kross.

2h 5min


Rating -7.5


Rating - 74%

"Filmmaker Herbig and his team prove to be especially adept at contriving situations where anything anyone does causes fear, anxiety, stress and worry, leaving everyone, very much including the audience, existing on the knife’s edge of unremitting tension. It’s a classic movie place to be, and we’re grateful to “Balloon” for putting us there."

Kenneth Turan

Los Angeles Times