About Endlessness

Winner - Best Director Dublin Film Festival


Drama Fantasy (2019) - Sweden


A kaleidoscope of the human condition includes scenes of a couple floating over war-torn Germany, a father and his daughter in the pouring rain, a teenager dancing outside a café,and a defeated
army marching to a prisoner-of-war camp. A spellbinding odyssey to the heart of existence.


Roy Andersson


Roy andersson


Jessica Louthander (Voice), Tatiana Delaunay, Anders Hellström

1 hr 21 mins

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Rating - 6.9


Rating - 94%

..it has that unmistakeable compositional sense. I call it the Anderssonian Depth of Field. Striking images and poses happen under the camera’s nose, but the audience’s eye is led, as if on a rail track, out into the distance, to eerily mesmeric background scenes whose pin-sharp definition you find yourself inspecting for signs of independent life. In a church, on a bus, in a huge railway station concourse, there is enormous subsidiary pleasure in just noticing the background, which is as vividly alive as a waking dream.

Peter Bradshaw - The Guardian - 5 *****