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"The brilliant Binoche literally rolls up her sleeves with a physical but deftly subtle turn."

Between Two Worlds  2021 France Drama

Director : Emannuel Carrére

Starring : Hélène Lambert  
Louise Pociecka  
Steve Papagiannis

Ihr 39min

Between Two Worlds

In Between Two Worlds, Marianne (Juliette Binoche) poses as a woman on welfare who eventually lands a job as a cleaner. She invents a backstory that her husband has left her and she has been forced to fend for herself. As a journalist who has set out to write a book about precarity, she worries that her understanding of the economic situation is too abstract, only known to her through statistics, and believes she must live through the system herself to fully grasp her subject. What she finds is, inevitably, exploitation and toil, but also solidarity and friendship among the cleaners she works alongside.

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